Choosing An Airbrush Kit

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When choosing an airbrush kit there are a load of factors you’ve got to take into account.

This can be anything thing from skin type to PSI, as nobody has the exact same skin as someone else.

The Checklist For All Airbrush Buyers

1. Choosing a foundation for your skin type

One of the main advantages of airbrush makeup in my practice is that it is very light weight.

It has to be lightweight, otherwise you can’t spray it out of an airbrush gun.

However, there are different types of foundations that are often included in airbrush kits and you’re skin type will determine which one is the best.

Water-Based Foundation

Water-based foundation is the most common form of foundation that is provided in an airbrush kit, simply because it is often regarded as being hypoallergenic, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Water based foundation is light weight and doesn’t clog up pores and cause nasty breakouts.

The only disadvantage of this makeup is that it lasts less time than silicon or alcohol based makeup, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t last longer than traditional makeup.

Long-lasting is on of the main benefits of airbrush makeup.

Silicon-Based Foundation

Silicon-based foundation is often the heavier foundation and has better coverage in my experience.

This is because silicon particles are much larger than water particles, so any imperfections on your skin can be concealed using this type of foundation.

Silicon based foundation is perfect if you want to cover that embarrassing tattoo, as the silicon particles won’t enter your pores, so it blends in nicely with your skin.

So in short, the main benefits of silicon based makeup is that it can cover scars and hard to reach places where traditional makeup fails. I usually see people with wrinkles and mature skin use an airbrush with silicon based-makeup.

Silicon based foundation also gives a stunning matte finish, so if you’ve got oily skin, I’d say go for this type of foundation.

2. The PSI

When choosing an airbrush gun, you’ve got to understand your experience level. If I was a beginner I would never choose an airbrush gun with a ridiculously high PSI that only professional makeup artists use.

You’ve got to play within your own playing field. The best airbrush makeup kits for beginners are the kits that have a low PSI.

PSI is the Pound-force per square inch or simply put, the pressure of air being blasted from the gun!

If you choose a high PSI with minimal experience, you will struggle as it will blast too much makeup onto your face, giving you a poor finish.

2. single action vs dual action airbrush

Single Action Airbrushes 

These airbrushes are suitable for beginners, as you can’t control the PSI with the triggers. The trigger for this type of airbrush is simply an on and off button and nothing more.

The benefits of single action airbrushes are that:

  1. It’s perfect for getting an even layer of foundation on your skin without worrying about poor coverage
  2. For blending purposes, such as blush and contour, you can simply adjust the distance of the airbrush gun.

Dual Action Airbrushes have a push and pull trigger control.

These airbrushes are suitable for professionals, as this is more like a gun, as the further you go in with the trigger, the more makeup that gets sprayed out. So that’s the biggest difference between dual action airbrushes and single action airbrushes.

The benefits of single action airbrushes are that:

The use has better control for of the gun for tasks such as blending and fading. A small pull in a trigger can allow you to get the fine details right and a big pull on the trigger can cover a larger surface area.

This is perfect for expert makeup artists, but it takes time to master the art of airbrushing.





DIY Airbrush foundation and Blush

Love this!

Hair, makeup, and nails, oh my!

Step 1: Gather your ingredients

You will need:

Note: does not matter brand of bottled water.

Note: you can use what ever setting spray you want.
Note: you can use whatever mineral powder you want.
You can get ball bearings at your local hardware store.

Bottles. Size does matter.

Grab your bottle and the sharpie and draw lines splitting the bottle into 4 parts.

Fill the bottle up to the first line with your glycerin.

Add water up to the third line.

Add setting spray up to the last line.

Drop in two ball bearings and mix for 30 seconds.

Now you have this.

Now to get this

add any mineral powder to fill 1/3 of the bottle.

Fill the rest of the bottle with this stuff

Drop in 2 ball bearings and shake until it is mixed completely.

Anddddd…. You are done!

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Why Is Airbrushing So Great For Acne Scars?

Hey there guys!

I’ve recently stumbled across this fabulous way of applying makeup without brushes or sponges! I discovered airbrush makeup!

My Skin

Before I explain the advantages of airbrush makeup, let me give you a brief history on my skin. I myself have acne prone skin which is constantly oily. I know there are diets and creams out there that can help people, but I want a way to cover those imperfections without actually harming my skin.

What I found with regular makeup was that the heavy thick foundations were often too oily. Even the ones that claimed to be “oil free” were often replaced with harmful thickening agents to give the foundation a thicker texture.

I would often get acne breakouts when I applied makeup. If you’re anything like me, you’ll often have events such as weddings and formal celebrations which requires quite a bit of makeup.

It’s not about being self-conscious, but more of me being more comfortable if you can’t see my acne prone skin and scars.

I recently discovered a review made by May Luna, a makeup artist of the best airbrush makeup systems  where she explains the best makeup for acne prone skin. She explained the key differences between regular makeup and airbrush makeup.

So, after her advice I’ve been using airbrush makeup for home use.

My Results after 3 months

Before using airbrush makeup, I could only tolerate applying foundation occasionally, as I was prone to massive breakouts!

However, with airbrush makeup, I found that the thin water-based makeup wouldn’t block your pores. It would instead sit on top of your pores, as if it was floating.

What a genius invention! A foundation that doesn’t get into your pores.

Airbrush makeup was soo thin, that I didn’t need to keep touching it up every few hours, as the foundation would dry up.

Alongside the airbrush foundation, I was doing a detox paleo diet and this really helped my skin, which meant that I could hide my acne prone skin and also keep my skin healthy at the same time.

As of now, I hardly get breakouts and it’s only if I apply harmful chemicals on my skin or go off my diet.

It goes to show, that makeup can be made so that it’s not harmful on your skin.